This is God’s will..

I can’t believe myself for what was happened on 15th January 2015 (i noted the date so i can always remember).

It was a bad news, that break my heart into milion pieces (again). The first one i was succeed to fix it. Gain more strength to fight what i want, what i love, my dream, a previous person. And i was succeed to had him back.

Now, i can’t fight again, the fear was full in my brain.. I was afraid to fight back. This is because i know i don’t have enough power to fight God’s will in my life. Even i want to.. I want my precious person back, my best friend.

I was very confident that our pathway will ended happily ever after, but it turned into nightmare. Really a shock!

Is this really a God’s will? Started when God made my dream come true to felt my adventure worldwide. I was waiting my precious person to join me as soon as possible. But, obviously the plan didn’t work as well. Many problem came in my life. Is this really God’s will that made me away from you?

I can’t ask for forgiveness to God, since I can’t forgive myself. To not taking care the precious person in my life, now i had to lose, a condition that i am not ready for.

Humans full of sin, it is naturally will happen to anyone. God will forgive people who forgive themself first, but i can’t.

Love never finish, never expired. Love unconditionally is a true love. When your madness lose with this kind of love. Have you ever want to being with someone this hard? Even he/she made a big mistake, you still want to being with him/her?

I do..


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